Acacia Pharmacy Bentley stocks a wide range of prescription medicines and ensures all prescriptions are not only dispensed, but also supplied and sold by a pharmacist. This ensures that any questions you may have are promptly and correctly addressed – there is no waiting to see the pharmacist, only good quality and prompt service.


We carry and have access to all the major vitamin ranges with our main ranges being Blackmores and Bioceuticals. Please come in store to discuss what your health needs are and one of our pharmacists can appropriately advise you.

Health Advice

Pharmacy is not only about prescriptions and vitamins. Our pharmacists are always at your disposal to discuss lifestyle choices that may impact your health. There is no charge for this and as part of this, our pharmacists may provide blood pressure or other diagnostic testing which are all also free of charge.

Aged Care Services

Acacia Pharmacy provides aged care services to residents in six aged care facilities. The service is centred on our webster packing with electronic linking to the care facilities which allows the facility staff to utilise the iCareHealth or other medication management software. We have no restriction on the timing and number of deliveries to the facilities and remain on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for after-hours call-outs. We also provide medication and pre-accreditation audits to the facilities and are always at their disposal to provide assistance and advice as required.

Free Delivery

Acacia Pharmacy Bentley provides free delivery to all the residents of the adjoining retirement villages (Juniper Rowethorpe and Swancare) with no restrictions or set delivery times. Simply call us and we will be there shortly. Deliveries in Juniper Rowethorpe and Swancare Bentley Park are promptly carried out with our golf buggy.


Elisabeth, Rainer and Michelle have all worked in a leading compounding pharmacy in Perth and have a combined 20 years experience compounding creams, capsules, lotions, troches and much, much more. Elisabeth was the supervisor of the compounding lab of this pharmacy for over 5 years and so we are all very familiar with what is required to make and supply these custom made medications.


Acacia Pharmacy stocks most newspapers and magazines. If there is a particular item you would like, please let us know and we can keep it aside for you to ensure you don’t miss out. We also stock a small assortment of groceries, such as milk, yoghurt, biscuits, cereals, postage stamps and more to save the village residents having to run to the supermarkets if they run short of something.

Cash Out

We realised that getting cash for the residents of the retirement village can be a challenge and so to help with this we are proud to offer cash out in-store. More recently we now also have a mobile eftpos facility which allows us to provide cash-out delivered to the comfort of your home. Please contact us if you would like more information on this service.